Archives for September 1, 2018

Apple Will Require All Apps to Have a Privacy Policy

After data breaches at other tech companies and the European Union’s stricter GDPR rules, Apple is tightening up its App Store.

Apple will require all future updates and new apps to provide a link the developers’ privacy policies. Previously, Apple required any apps with a subscription model to link to their privacy policies, according to the Verge.

Apple told developers about the new requirement, which goes into effect Oct. 3. No apps will be automatically removed if they don’t include a privacy policy after that date since it only applies to updates and new app releases, but any changes made to an app without a privacy policy will now have to include one.

The new rule offers an extra layer of protection for Apple. While the responsibility around data handling first lies with the app developer itself, Apple is reinforcing its role as a platform delivering those apps to users. The move makes sense for Apple, which has often touted itself as a tech company focused on upholding security when it comes to users’ data. Apple also has guide for best practices regarding privacy policies.

Google Is Taking Down Tech Support Scammers

Google is taking action against the tech support scams that advertise on its platform.

The tech giant is making a commitment to removing misleading ads. Google told the Wall Street Journal it removed more than 100 ads every second for violating some part of its policies. Now, it’s also implementing a verification program to further combat bad actors.

The program is meant to ensure that only legitimate third-party tech support companies will be able to advertise on Google. The company announced it will also restrict the category globally in a blog post Friday.

The move comes after an investigation from the Wall Street Journal found fraudulent tech support ads masquerading as larger companies like Apple. Scammers would utilize Google’s advertising system to create misleading ads. The ads would display a link to Apple’s website, but the number in the ad would direct to a call center that the Wall Street Journal says “engages in tech-support scams.”