Guy Builds Intricate Star Trek Klingon Warship Using 25,000 LEGOs

It was a project eight years in the making—well, technically nine now. One LEGO fan has built his own Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey using about 25,000 blocks, based on a virtual blueprint he started all the way back in 2008.

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Microsoft builds Surface cover prototype with bonus E Ink screen



Microsoft’s researchers have created a dual-screen variant of the company’s Surface tablet computer, with the additional, E Ink screen positioned north of the keyboard in the device’s cover

A YouTube video, first reported on by Neowin and posted by Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group (basically, Microsoft’s R&D group for computer interfaces), showcases a prototype of such a device. The E Ink screen is used as a Start Menu, an app launcher or as a secondary display that enhances an app’s functionality — for example, it can be used as a thumbnail browser for a photo-viewing app

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