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How Microsoft plans to reinvent business productivity

Microsoft’s Office applications haven’t changed much over the past 25 years. Indeed, a time-traveller from 1992 who knew how to use Word 5.5 for DOS or Mac System 7 would have to get used only to the tools moving from vertical menus to the horizontal ribbon.  

Yes, Microsoft successfully brought Office back to the Mac after years of neglect. It also used the acquisition of Accompli and Sunrise to quickly get high-quality email and calendar apps onto iOS and Android — those teams are revitalizing the Outlook applications on PC and Mac, and the new To Do service is trying to do the same thing, based on the popular Wunderlist app. Yes, there are some clever new tools in Word and PowerPoint that use machine learning to improve spell checking and automate slide design, and the monthly updates keep adding more features. And, yes, the hidden gem that is OneNote is finally getting significant investment to make the note-taking tool more useful on more platforms.

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Open Source Pioneer Mark Shuttleworth Says Smart “Edge’ Devices Spawn Business Models

Ubuntu, a version of the Linux computer operating system, runs on many of the servers that power cloud computing. Ubuntu pioneer Mark Shuttleworth …


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Oracle to Adopt Allout Approach toward Cloud Computing Business

World’s largest business software company to aggressively shift its business paradigm about cloud computing services from fad to futuristic. Oracle corporation gave very clear cues during OpenWorld Conference organized by the company in San Franscisco. Many executive level participants of the company and its partners along with the CEO of Oracle Corporation have clearly advocated the aggressive approach toward cloud computing.

It is very important to note that, a few years back, the company coined a term ‘fad’ about the cloud computing buzz, but now it is falling in love with the cloud computing solutions. The company is aggressively focusing on the artificial intelligence and super fast speed cloud based services fully optimized for the oracle software platforms.

In a direct onslaught on Amazon web services, the CTO of Oracle corporation Larry Ellison said that AWS was over 20 years behind the Oracle cloud platform in terms of many features and optimized performance.

In his official statement, Larry Ellison said, “Amazon Web Services are simply not optimized for the Oracle Database. I’ll go further than that: Amazon Web Services aren’t optimized for their own databases either, as you will see.” While talking about comparative analysis of the innovative approach and service optimization of both Oracle and AWS, he said, “Amazon services will not get better, but they will get worse”. He further said, “Oracle cloud is 24 times faster for analytic workload, 8 times faster for OLTP workload, 105 times faster for oracle database than the Amazon web service platform.”

While talking about the artificial intelligence in the cloud, Diane Bryant from the Intel Corporation, which is the partner in the Oracle’s pursuit towards artificial intelligence platforms in the cloud, said in her statement, “Cloud computing is a fundamentally more efficient way to deliver all kinds of machine-learning services. It’s now cost-feasible to store and compute massive amounts of data, which is allowing for many of the advances we’re currently seeing in artificial intelligence.” She further said, “Data is the game-changer. It is the differentiator for business. AI is all around us, not just in science fiction, and it is transforming the way businesses operate”.

It is very imperative to note that Oracle has recorded huge growth in the cloud revenue earlier this month, which is a very encouraging sign for the company to aggressively focus on this powerful domain of business in the future.

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Cloud Outages | Stoking Demand for BDR and Business Continuity

As continuity consultants, MSPs advise customers on contingency plans for cases where the public-cloud computing and storage resources are …


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5 Technologies for Small Business Success

Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT landscape for startups and smaller organizations by leveling the playing field and making advanced …
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Small Business Tech This Week: Twitter Abandons The “Buy” Button and Now You Can Eat Your Six-Pack

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

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Wellthie Launches First-of-its-Kind Small Business Insurance Shopping…

Smart and Simple Health Insurance Selling Solution Supports Small Group Customers and Modernizes Broker Business

(PRWeb May 03, 2016)

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Business needs education in cloud value and security, study shows

While a majority (77%) of organisations trust cloud computing more than a year ago, just 13% trust public cloud providers to secure sensitive data, …

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Emerging technologies and the future of business

However, the proliferation of cloud computing has shone a spotlight on how technology is enabling companies to be more agile. When CIOs and …

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