The first Facebook Messenger bot for property in Australia launches



If you are on the hunt for property in Australia, Messenger Bots may help make the process easier.

Property website Domain has launched the first Messenger Bot in Australia for property searches. It allows you to drop a location pin into Messenger to find houses for sale in the vicinity or get the buying guide for any property. 

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To use the bot, you first get in contact with Domain through its Facebook page or directly through Messenger by typing the company name in the search bar. Then click the location pin button to drop your current location or type in an address. The bot will send back properties around this location including a price guide and the ability to click through for more information. Read more…

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Samsung Gear VR launches before December for $99



We already knew Samsung’s final Gear VR was coming in 2015. Now we have a price and a better sense of the release timing.

The mobile-based virtual reality headset will launch in North America “in time for Black Friday” and worldwide “shortly after,” as Samsung SVP of Technology Strategy Peter Koo revealed when he took the stage at the Oculus Connect keynote on Thursday. It’ll sell for $ 99.

The final build of the Gear VR is 22% lighter than the “Innovator Edition” that first launched in Dec. 2014. It’s also got a revised design that does away with the top head strap and a smarter design for the side-mounted touchpad, with an directional pad-shaped indentation that should make blindly operating the controls more convenient. Read more…

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